About AskYourTeam

AskYourTeam is a survey system for enterprises, local government and membership organisations that mines the insights, ideas and solutions from within the organisation to drive breakthroughs in business performance. The research-based methodology measures how businesses are performing in the areas proven to ‘make or break’ success and helps translate these into measurable insights and actionable solutions.

The Brief

AskYourTeam was struggling to communicate a differentiated market position amongst the cluttered HR engagement survey space. Outside of a small number of niche industry sectors they had little brand awareness, a hindrance to the efficiency and effectiveness of their sales team. The brand was perceived as ‘homemade’ and needed to be brought up to date.

Help was needed to develop a differentiated market position and brand promise which would set AskYourTeam apart from traditional engagement surveys and remove the single point of failure amongst the narrow HR set.

The brief was to elevate their brand awareness and meaning amongst a broader business audience and develop an inbound lead generation engine to support their sales pipeline. More broadly, they needed a more sophisticated platform to stack up against their competitors and set the stage for future global expansion.

Ask Your Team Website Development


Our first step was to complete a ‘ground zero’ investigation into the brand ideology to identify the core factors that truly differentiated the AYT proposition. Distilled through a series of workshops, a single-minded brand promise, substantiating proof points and a powerful elevator pitch was developed. From this platform a full brand and website refresh was undertaken.

The brand’s promise was bought to life through a series of videos, including a brand video, customer case studies and product-centred demonstrations. Each was aimed at prospects at different stages of the buying cycle. Supporting the communications strategy was a series of blogs designed to educate the audience on the potential of next generation tools such as AYT versus the traditional engagement survey. These blogs utilised influential guest bloggers and customers to write on the topic in their own voice.

Among other digital advertising initiatives such as EDM’s, SEO, Google Adwords, and Re-marketing, LinkedIn was leveraged to increase AYT’s reach and promote awareness amongst the wider business audience.

With inbound lead generation being the primary end game, the website was established to drive conversions through demo requests, ebook downloads, call requests and subscriber sign-ups. Other mechanisms such as LinkedIn’s lead generation forms and invitations to download high-value content were leveraged to support the inbound lead generation engine.

The Outcome

The team has a clear and differentiated story to communicate what AYT stands for and what it promises to the market. The new creative expression communicates a much more sophisticated brand, elevating AYT to a serious contender in the enterprise market and providing a firm footing for future growth plans.

A mosaic of powerful video, case studies, blog and education content has elevated brand awareness, sales conversations have become easier and cold calling has been replaced by warm introductions.

Through the suite of digital marketing initiatives website traffic has more than doubled. The previous website delivered, on average, one inbound lead per month. In the first eight weeks of the new marketing activity this has grown to 15+ qualified leads, 30+ subscribers and 30+ LinkedIn lead introductions.

AYT now has a content marketing engine which is continually optimised to attract high quality inbound leads.

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