About Hobsonville Point

Hobsonville Point is New Zealand’s largest-ever residential housing project and is delivering homes to the Auckland market at an unprecedented rate.

Situated 20 minutes to the northwest of Auckland CBD, the site was originally an Air Force base.
To date, just on a thousand homes have been completed alongside amenity such as schools, parks, playgrounds, a coastal walkway, shops and a ferry service. When complete in 2021 the development will have around 4,500 homes and be home to 10,000 people.

The project is characterised by its high-quality amenity and focus on building a sense of community. HLC has created a development model that has become an exemplar for the industry. Master developers and their builder partners are building high quality homes in line with the requirements of the master plan while continuously improving their speed of delivery.

The Brief

The initial brief was issued in early 2012. It has driven marketing strategy and creative development and execution through to the current day.

Key Tactics:

  • Create a brand promise and position for Hobsonville Point
  • Develop and execute a communications plan to attract Aucklanders to visit
  • Drive prospective buyers to builder show homes
  • Innovate using media in ways that are new to the industry
  • Collaborate with specialist partners, Password PR, RB, Nielsen and Greenroom
  • Measure consumer awareness, knowledge and attitudes regularly
Hobsonville Point Auckland Website Design and Development

The Strategy

To create an enduring platform for the brand, different promise options were tested with consumers. Being connected to the city but with space to let the kids roam resonated strongly for people, fuelled by nostalgia for the suburban childhood they had enjoyed. The promise, expressed in the tagline, ‘Moments away, a world apart’ remains Hobsonville Point’s position to the current day.

HLC’s strategy was to deliver a high level of amenity and to build it early on in the development. We use the amenity, such as parks, playgrounds, public art and cafes, to encourage people to visit, in the knowledge that over time, familiarity with and affection for the area would translate to house sales.

Visitor drawcards like the weekend Farmers Market, the 5-km coastal walkway, the street of show homes, the purpose-built Visitor Information Centre, and events during the summer months are promoted using a range of media including regional television, pre-roll advertising, native advertising, Facebook, and print advertising in NZ Herald and local newspapers.

As well as encouraging visitors to the township, retail advertisements in NZ Herald Home promote homes available for purchase off the plan. Builder partners (eg Universal Homes, Jalcon Homes) contribute to the advertising programme collectively.

Lion’s Share also creates information-rich content for a number of HLC-owned websites and the Information Centre. We produce a 32-page magazine, Point Life, which is published annually and widely distributed through New Zealand Herald (print run of 160,000). The magazine is used as an information and sales tool on site and has a shelf life of a year.


Our annual consumer attitude and knowledge tracking has demonstrated that Hobsonville Point has higher awareness and is more highly regarded than any other development in Auckland. The awareness and perception of Hobsonville Point as a high-quality suburb continues to grow, supporting the expansion of the product offer. In 2017 homes are being sold in a range of typologies and prices. Typologies include apartments, terraces, walk-ups, work-from- homes, retirement living and traditional standalones. Prices range from $600,000 to $2 million+. That upper limit was considered unthinkable two years ago.

Tracking of sales to media activity has allowed us to fine tune our use of both digital and other channels.

Hobsonville Point has show home visitor numbers that far exceed any other development. Demand for property has remained consistently high for six years, regardless of the vagaries of the market. The development is well placed to withstand a cooler market because it has become such a desirable suburb.

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