About Northcote Development

Northcote Development is one of several large suburban redevelopments being managed by HLC. The projects are collectively called the ‘Auckland Housing Programme’. The development will make better use of underutilised Housing New Zealand land to create 1200 new homes in Northcote. Hundreds of state homes built a half a century or more ago are being removed and replaced with warm, dry homes designed for modern living. The number of state houses will increase and at the same time Northcote Development will bring new homes to the general market as well as affordable homes which will be offered to eligible buyers through KiwiBuild. HLC, working with other agencies and the city, will take the opportunity to upgrade streets, parks and infrastructure as they go.

The Brief

Lion’s Share has been working with HLC since 2016 to communicate the scope, vision and detail of the Northcote Development to the community and other stakeholders. The outcomes for Northcote will be highly beneficial, but the development work is disruptive to the community so it’s important to keep everyone informed along the way. HLC asked Lion’s Share to help build and strengthen relationships with the community.  

Communication Strategy

The ways we communicate are numerous and varied. Key moves include an Information Centre in the Northcote shopping centre car park, a comprehensive website with regularly updated news stream, and a biannual magazine called Everyday Northcote which provides a forum for sharing project news and stories about people in the community.

The Outcome

The Northcote Development will take several years to complete. The establishment of the information centre, website and Everyday Northcote magazine has given the community three ways in which to source information about the project. HLC also runs open days and various community engagement initiatives. Stage 1 of the project has delivered state houses exclusively. As Stage 2 gets underway in earnest, market and affordable homes will be offered for sale and the marketing communications strategy will expand to assist the builder partners in their sales efforts.

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