About Origin

Since its foundation in 2000, Origin Group has experienced rapid growth as an outsourced provider of IT for medium sized businesses. Today the company has 130 employees and serves small, medium and large-sized Kiwi businesses with a full portfolio of IT and security consulting and managed services. Partnering with Origin allows businesses to run a more efficient, more agile, and more scalable organisation.

The Brief

Following several years of rapid growth and with an expanding portfolio of managed IT and security services, Origin had reached a point where the company needed to better define its promise and product offer, both to the market and internally.

Continuous evolution is needed in the IT sector to keep up with technology and meet the changing needs of the market. Origin asked Lion’s Share for strategic guidance on how to communicate the value propositions of several new sub brands under development, and to ensure the market was clear about what the company offered and the staff were brought on the journey.


The first step was to revisit what the Origin brand stood for.  A deep dive into the business and the market via a series of workshops led the team to a brand story that better represented where the company is today. The new overarching brand promise for the group, expressed to the market as “Greater Control, More Freedom’, shifted Origin away from talking about technology products to talking about business outcomes, helping it appeal to a wider business audience. The new brand architecture established a robust platform for all future communications.

To bring the brand promise to life, Lion’s Share created a new website, a series of brand and careers videos, and established an ‘always-on’ digital campaign. Coupled with an internal communications programme and a suite of new sales collateral, the business was now armed with a powerful suite of tools to connect with customers and prospects.


Origin IT New Website Design
Origin IT Sales Powerpoint Presentation

LinkedIn was established as the core channel to reach the target audience and create brand awareness and meaning.  Regular blog pieces by executives position Origin’s people as thought leaders amongst the C-Suite and direct response campaigns are now attracting traffic to landing pages with the intention of creating leads for the sales team.  

And finally, ongoing EDMs communicate directly with Origin customers and prospects, providing useful content and nurturing relationships.

EDM Marketing for Origin IT

The Outcome

The Origin team now has real clarity around what Origin and the newly formed sub brands, Origin Security and Hum IT, stand for. The architecture allows Origin to differentiate the brand within the market. All communication is now consistently speaking to the business outcomes enabled by Origin’s services.

The new website communicates a slicker and more professional brand. It has broadened the conversation beyond IT to include a business audience, increasing Origin’s sales influence. Sales executives are now equipped with a set of tools that accurately represent the capability of the business.

Following the launch of the new website and activation of the LinkedIn channel, there were some immediate and notable shifts;

  • The website’s bounce rate (% of visitors that leave the site after viewing only one page) dropped from 70.5% to 49.1%
  • Daily pageviews for the website climbed by an impressive 34.5%
  • Daily impressions on content published via the LinkedIn company page  leapt from ~150 impressions per day to ~1,500 per day.  
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