Piritahi is a civil works alliance formed in late 2018 to deliver a $5b programme of work across Kāinga Ora’s large scale suburban redevelopment projects. Piritahi delivers infrastructure and amenity, preparing land so that it’s ready to build houses on. The alliance is made up of six member companies – Kāinga Ora (masterplanning), Hick Bros Group (construction), Woods (engineering, surveying, planning), Tonkin + Taylor (environmental and engineering), Dempsey Wood (construction) and Harrison Grierson (survey, design, consenting).

The Brief

Piritahi is a new organisation with a single client (Kāinga Ora) and no immediate need to drum up more business. However, there was an urgent need to establish the name and build meaning for the brand within the industry to feed the alliance’s requirement for a large number of highly skilled people to join the team over a short period of time within a competitive job market.


Lion’s Share and Piritahi began with brand architecture for the new organisation, establishing the promise of delivering build ready land at scale and pace, along with the tagline “Laying the groundwork” to communicate Piritahi role as an enabler of housing-led urban regeneration. Once the brand architecture was agreed upon, Lion’s Share built a website to deal with Piritahi’s immediate need to demonstrate their credibility and enough ‘back end smarts’ that it could grow in content and complexity over time.

Piritahi’s promise is to work together to streamline land development. The work they do allows more homes to be built faster; makes our neighbourhoods safer, more usable and more beautiful; and positively impacts the affordability of housing by maximising efficiencies of scale.

Over the course of 2019, Lion’s Share and Piritahi evolved the website into a go-to resource, helping it more actively communicate with a variety of key audiences. With the addition of regular news content, in-depth case studies and project neighbourhood information, as well as a revamped careers section which more clearly communicates Piritahi’s mission and roles available, the website has quickly become a key part of Piritahi’s communication strategy.

As 2020 rolled around Piritahi and Lion’s Share began executing a brand campaign which supports the alliance to attract talent and to scale at the necessary rate to deliver on their significant pipeline of work. This new plan also positions Piritahi well for future opportunities by educating the business community and industry on the work they do and why, ensuring they have the right support and influence to achieve their promise of delivering build ready land at scale and pace. This content has been shared widely via the establishment of a Linkedin programme, created to ensure these key audiences are reached.

Communicating Piritahi’s complex programme of work has been aided by developing five key message themes:

  • Future-ready infrastructure
  • Connected communities
  • Safer neighbourhoods
  • Better green spaces
  • More homes, built faster

Each of these themes has been brought to life with a range of video, digital and print content featuring Piritahi’s people. We make a point of linking the work to the impact it has on people’s lives, for example Piritahi is enabling the provision of warm, dry state homes which will help some of our lowest income earners and our most vulnerable people stay well and keep kids out of hospital.

As part of the brand exploration process, we commissioned research to learn more about Piritahi’s current brand recognition and identify the most impactful messaging. This research was conducted with Piritahi’s two key audiences within the construction industry, future employees to understand what resonates with them, and a business influencer audience, to assess their awareness and meaning of the work Piritahi does. The research is now used to inform website messaging, blog posts and social media content to make sure it is relevant to the audience.

The Outcome

Piritahi’s brand strategy was executed over a six-month period via a fully integrated multimedia campaign across digital, social and print, including business and trade press.

The (pre COVID) construction boom in Auckland means good people have good options. Despite the tough market for employers, Piritahi has grew from less than 20 people to around 240 in a little over a year. Anecdotally, many people at Piritahi say they took the job because of the opportunity it offered to make a difference to people’s lives.

The exec team is now fully engaged with representing the brand via the LinkedIn programme. They help to generate the content and provide their point of view to their networks, increasing reach and awareness of Piritahi’s work and enhancing their personal brands. Employees are also getting involved and are feeling more connected with the company and their vision for the future of New Zealand.

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