About Hobsonville Point

Hobsonville Point is New Zealand’s largest-ever residential housing project and is delivering homes to the Auckland market at an unprecedented rate.

Situated 20 minutes to the northwest of Auckland CBD, the site was originally an Air Force base.
To date, around a third of an eventual 4,500 homes have been completed alongside amenity such as schools, parks, playgrounds, a coastal walkway, shops and a ferry service. When complete in 2021 the development will be home to 11,000 people.

The project is characterised by its high-quality amenity and focus on building a sense of community. HLC has created a development model that has become an exemplar for the industry. Master developers and their builder partners are building high quality homes in line with the requirements of the master plan while continuously improving their speed of delivery.

The Brief

In 2012 Hobsonville Land Company briefed Lion’s Share to help them attract visitors to the fledgling development at Hobsonville Point. The 162 ha peninsula had spent the previous 80 years as a Defence base which was closed to Aucklanders, so awareness was very low. There was also a perception that the Hobsonville area was remote, despite motorway extensions having reduced drive time from the CBD to around 20 minutes off-peak.


Although there was little in the way of houses in 2012, HLC had established a café, a beautifully designed playground and a Farmers market in an old Air Force shed to create a ‘triangle of amenity’ on site. Lion’s Share suggested, as part of a broader strategy which you can read about here, that we produce an annual magazine showcasing the amenity and vision for Hobsonville Point and distribute it Auckland-wide via insertion in the NZ Herald. By showing Aucklanders what was happening at the new township and warmly inviting them to come and visit, we planned to build the awareness, familiarity and positive word-of-mouth that would, over time, convert to house sales.

The Outcome

In April 2018 the seventh annual issue of Point Life was published. The 32-page magazine is a mix of new amenity (schools, parks etc), new housing, approaches to urban planning, design and sustainability, and stories about some of the people who live at Hobsonville Point. It is a key cornerstone in Hobsonville Point’s marketing. Between 120,000-160,000 copies are printed each year and distributed via the NZ Herald and local newspapers. Point Life is available at the Hobsonville Point Information Centre, Catalina Bay Farmers Market and builder show homes all year, and has become a highly-valued communication and sales tool for all stakeholders involved in the project.

From the Client

“I opened the Herald this morning and out dropped Point Life. Even though I knew this was coming I have to confess it was still a little bit of a thrill.

Although I’ve read it many times and it’s been around the office and the Information Centre for a few weeks now, I read it again with what felt like fresh eyes. And it really is a great piece of work. It’s further evidence of what makes Hobsonville Point different, there is no other property project that could produce an equivalent, there just wouldn’t be the content. And besides no other project would bother to execute with such care and attention.

Thank you to everyone that inputed to it’s production, in particular Karen, Stephen and the team at Roycroft Brown. It is an enormous volume of work and I think you can be rightfully proud of both Issue 4 and Point Life as an ongoing communication piece. I know that I am.”

– Mark Fraser, Precinct Director at HLC

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