About Precinct Properties

Precinct is the largest owner of commercial space in the Auckland and Wellington CBDs. The company’s 300 clients employ 17,000 people in 12 Precinct-owned buildings, collectively valued at around $1.55 billion. Precinct aims to concentrate its ownership of high quality commercial space geographically, so that it can better provide services to its clients. Precinct is currently developing the $750m Commercial Bay project in downtown Auckland and the Innovation Precinct at Wynyard Quarter, also in Auckland. These two projects will add a further $1 billion in assets to the portfolio.

The Brief

Lion’s Share was asked by Precinct to help them win a prestigious corporate client for a new building in Wynyard Quarter, the outcome of which remains confidential at the time of writing. Precinct had a similar requirement for their multi-tenanted building at 10 Madden Street.

The building was being promoted during the construction phase, making it difficult to communicate the degree to which the building and the area would change to become one of Auckland’s most desirable places to work. Precinct wished to promote the building via commercial leasing agents in a such way that the agents could paint a picture for prospects of the future of Wynyard Quarter and what it would be like to work there.

At the same time, they wanted to bring to life the concept of the Innovation Precinct so that they could attract prospects from the tech sector who would both benefit from and contribute to the new business community.


Lion’s Share worked with Precinct to condense the marketing proposition into a concise single-minded narrative. This was translated into sales assets that told a complete story and brought Wynyard Quarter, the Innovation Precinct and 10 Madden street itself to life. Assets were all contained within a single microsite and included videos which presented separately both the rational case for 10 Madden, and a mood piece which gave an impression of the area in the future when the immediate buildings are completed. A launch event was held for agents, using the assets to create some initial buzz.

The Outcome

The suite of material made a significant impact at launch. Both website traffic and enquiry has been extremely high, resulting in a strong, early uptakes of leases. The new approach has redefined how Precinct will run leasing campaigns in future.

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