About Voco

Voco is a specialist business consultancy working with enterprises in Auckland and Wellington. Clients include ANZ, Vodafone, Contact Energy and Fletchers.

A team of around twenty senior consultants offer independent, objective leadership on high stakes technology led business projects. Voco competes against PWC, Ernst & Young and Deloitte – international players with big resources and high brand awareness.

The Brief

The Voco Principals asked that we help them shift their successful consultancy to a higher gear. They wanted to raise the profile of their organisation significantly among C-suite executives in New Zealand’s biggest companies and State owned enterprises. In preparation for the resulting growth expected, Voco also needed help building a strong employment brand and talent pipeline.

The Strategy

After a complete rebuild of Voco’s company website to better reflect their high quality offering, Lion’s Share set to positioning Voco as thought leaders and influencers on LinkedIn. The strategy was brought to life using LinkedIn’s marketing, sales and talent platforms.

The first step was to enhance the Voco Principal’s professional LinkedIn profiles and start posting regularly about their opinions, their engagements and the disruptive changes occurring in business and technology right now. The intent was to keep Voco front-of-mind with their target market and communicate the message that Voco provides a safe pair of hands when large organisations need help managing transformative change. Using a combination of company posts, personal posts, status updates and (paid) sponsored updates, Voco started getting noticed by their targeted prospects and saw significant increases in both paid and organic followers.

The second strategic pillar was to help Voco increase the strength of their network and be part of an ongoing conversation with their key prospects. LinkedIn Sales Navigator was commissioned for quota carrying Principals to get them up front and personal with their targets. Running internal competitions amongst the team saw Voco’s Social Selling capability soar.

To ensure Voco could scale with the rate of growth, an employment brand and talent strategy was implemented. The Voco employment brand story was told with a series of videos housed on a newly built careers website, and a LinkedIn careers page was established to promote current and future opportunities.

Voco New Zealand Website Development

The Outcomes

Having established a set of six ‘content champions’ to produce high quality opinion pieces, Voco now has a disciplined and scalable content creation process to support their ongoing marketing efforts.

The number of followers of the company page has grown by over 300% (and climbing), and the Voco website has achieved a 50% increase in total traffic since LinkedIn content marketing began. The team’s social selling score is in the top 1% for their industry. Anecdotally, Voco’s principals are enjoying higher recognition, a clear and unique market position with customer and supplier organisations, and a greater level of inbound enquiry.

With several hires made and the beginnings of a solid talent pipeline, Voco has seen a ROI on the LinkedIn careers solution in less than three months.

Get in touch to find out more about Voco’s success on LinkedIn, and talk about how Lion’s Share can help you achieve similar outcomes.

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