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Good Content Needs Good Writing

Producing good content requires writing skill. The key is to provide relevant, useful content to your target audience. You’ve also got to think about the stage in the relationship they are at with you and the mindset with which they approach each media channel. The same person is looking for something quite different from Facebook than they are from LinkedIn and your story’s approach and tone must reflect this.

Find Your Content Sweet Spot

To stand out in a world awash with good content you’ve also got to offer something different from everyone else. You’ve got to give your target audience a reason to care. You wouldn’t go to market with a product that offered nothing new for the consumer. Nor should your copywriting and blog writing add to the glut of look-alike content out there. Duplicate content does not help your brand, and, these days Google will penalise you by pushing you to the back of the search queue. Original content butts right in up front. The holy grail – for both search and value to your audience – is to find yourself a niche and fill it with good content your target audience can’t get anywhere else.

Make Content for People

You’re talking to humans. People. Like you. That should inform every creative decision. For example, everyday words are easier to read than industry jargon, so use simple language. Or, how about this thought… your B2B customers don’t stop being human when they get into the office, so appeal to their emotions. And, always, always keep in mind that what you want to tell them or sell them comes a distant second to what you can do to improve your audience’s day or add value to their life. Your purpose it to build a relationship and it takes time.

Get Help but Stay Involved

You can hand the making and management of your content over to a third party but the raw content that informs your copywriting and blog writing must come from you. Find a third party you trust and can stick with for the long haul – a person or people who will put the effort into getting to know your business and your brand almost as well as you do. Form a partnership to produce your content, then keep contributing. Nobody is closer to what your customers and prospects need or want than you.

Lion’s Share has access to a pool of expert writers who can write targeted, audience appropriate copy on any topic for any publication or social media channel. We will write to a content strategy with your brand promise and marketing objectives front of mind at all times. 

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What Our Clients Say
Hey team. Just wanted to say fabulous job getting us to and out of the start gates with this campaign. Love your work!
It’s cool stuff, and will generate some noise. Lion's Share has done a great job – it’s crisp and thought through.
This strategy has been incredibly successful for us and I attribute it to their innate sense of brand, combined with practical marketing skills.
Lion's Share was able to deliver immediate, improved customer metrics while developing the longer-term brand.
Lion's Share bought into our proposition with an enthusiasm and positivity that has breathed a new energy into the way we go about our business.
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