Visual and Video Content

Video is King

Who’d have thought a decade ago that by the time we got here, over 80% of the content viewed on the web would be video content? On Facebook alone over four billion videos (totalling more than 100 millions hours) are viewed daily.

Sixty Seconds Equals 1.8 Million Words

It’s pretty clear that to stand out these days the more visual your content, the better. If research by Forrester is right, then one minute of video content is worth 1.8 million words. We’re all time poor and so swamped with content – both good and bad – that opting for video over text makes sense. It’s often the quickest, easiest way to get the gist of the message.  

Lion’s Share knows how to produce high-quality video content to suit any budget, without adding additional and unnecessary costs and complexity.

Lost in Translation

When you farm your production out to a third party supplier who is divorced from the original strategy, channel planning and goal setting/performance measurements, discrete pieces of content get made. They’re often single-channel, single use plays, when a day’s filming could have netted you several pieces of video content fulfilling different purposes across a range of channels.

At Lion’s Share the people who produce the video content have been part of the entire process from the beginning. We’re working with you to establish the strategy and plan the media, so we make sure the video outputs mesh with the marketing goals and suit each channel.

God is in the Detail

Video production these days requires specialist knowledge and careful planning. We often create multiple versions of the video at different lengths and multiple formats, as required by the various channels. Within the specifications of the platform there’s also scope for testing, so we will create A and B versions (changing one element only, eg the call to action) to work out what performs best and optimise media spend.

Lion’s Share offers full production services including:

  • Concept development
  • Creative writing
  • Filming and animation
  • Editing
  • Post production 

We’d love to make you some strategic, cost-effective video content.

Get in touch and find out how we can help you with your visual and video content.

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What Our Clients Say
Hey team. Just wanted to say fabulous job getting us to and out of the start gates with this campaign. Love your work!
It’s cool stuff, and will generate some noise. Lion's Share has done a great job – it’s crisp and thought through.
This strategy has been incredibly successful for us and I attribute it to their innate sense of brand, combined with practical marketing skills.
Lion's Share was able to deliver immediate, improved customer metrics while developing the longer-term brand.
Lion's Share bought into our proposition with an enthusiasm and positivity that has breathed a new energy into the way we go about our business.
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