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The media world has become highly fragmented. The myriad of traditional and digital channels overlapping and intertwining makes media planning ever more challenging. Critically, consumers are now in control of when and where they consume media. Our personal technology has upgraded to allow this. The mobile device has become all-powerful and social channels are now big media channels. Seventy-five per cent of New Zealanders own a smartphone.

For most of us, it’s hard to imagine a day go by without watching a YouTube video, checking our Facebook or Twitter feed, commenting on an Instagram post or reading an article on LinkedIn. On average we visit Facebook 36 times a day.

Because content is now pulled at command, consumption through these channels has significantly increased. But the competition for companies to get their content seen is tougher than ever – and the channels themselves keep changing the rules as they work to balance the user experience with their own business goals for the platform.

Website Design and Development
Creating beautifully aesthetic, responsive websites
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Integrated Sales & Marketing Campaigns
End to end, targeted sales campaigns that are integrated across multiple channels and platforms.
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LinkedIn Strategy
With a smartly crafted LinkedIn strategy you can increase brand awareness and engagement for all stakeholders.
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Social Media Content
Social media content needs to be created for the channel in which it is meant for – one size doesn’t fit all.
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