LinkedIn Strategy

B2B marketers, if you want to build brand power, a LinkedIn strategy is your protein powder. The LinkedIn platform has morphed way beyond its origins as a talent and networking tool. Today it is a fully integrated sales, marketing, recruitment and publishing platform connecting over 400 million people.

A LinkedIn strategy that leverages all three LinkedIn solutions can see significant benefits for your employment brand, drive greater interest and enquiry and elevate the power of your brand.

Make Friends and Influence People

Your company page on LinkedIn is the place to tell your brand story and share insight into who you are, what you’re about and what you’re up to. Whether you’re talking to employees, customers, or prospective employees or customers, LinkedIn’s targeting is pretty cool. You can select by geography, industry, job title or function, seniority and skills. LinkedIn allows you to reach the people you want to engage with.

How to Maximise LinkedIn

A good LinkedIn strategy always starts with helping our clients optimise their company and employees profiles. Once the basics are shipshape, the next step is to plan and deliver a mix of company updates, thought leadership, opinion pieces and direct response. Get that part right and you’ll attract and engage followers for individuals within your company and the organisation itself, which builds personal and company brands. To really get the engine humming you need to use LinkedIn’s paid media tools such as Sponsored Updates. These tools help you to reach key targets outside your follower network, expanding the understanding of what you do and increasing your influence. 

Strapped for Time?

If you’re struggling to find the time to develop a LinkedIn strategy for your business and make the most of LinkedIn solutions, Lion’s Share can help. We will manage your content creation and posts, monitor, analyse and report on performance, optimise with paid media, and provide ongoing insight to feed back into the content creation process. As experienced LinkedIn content strategists, we can advise you on the best mix of marketing, sales and talent solutions for your business and help you create a roadmap to success.

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What Our Clients Say
Hey team. Just wanted to say fabulous job getting us to and out of the start gates with this campaign. Love your work!
It’s cool stuff, and will generate some noise. Lion's Share has done a great job – it’s crisp and thought through.
This strategy has been incredibly successful for us and I attribute it to their innate sense of brand, combined with practical marketing skills.
Lion's Share was able to deliver immediate, improved customer metrics while developing the longer-term brand.
Lion's Share bought into our proposition with an enthusiasm and positivity that has breathed a new energy into the way we go about our business.
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