Integrated Sales & Marketing Campaigns

We run end to end, targeted sales campaigns that are integrated across multiple channels and platforms, utilising a mix of above and below the line media. For client’s whose products require high-involvement decision making, such as buying a new home, these campaigns are often aimed at adding new names to the database, generating leads and sales enquiries and bringing customers to launch/sales events. 

Start with the end in mind

We work collaboratively with our clients to plan sales campaigns from concept to execution to analysis. We start with the business objective then develop the core messages and a creative strategy which will get those messages seen by your audience. When we’re planning content for the campaign we make sure the content is appropriate to the channel it will appear in. You’re likely to see the following assets within any given campaign: brand video, campaign landing page, press advertising, blog content, animated banner ads, EDMs and social ads and posts. 

Importantly, we define what  success will look like, eg numbers of new followers, engagement, names for the database or sales enquiries. We then have the beginning and end points of the campaign established. 

Strengthen your brand

The next step is to design a look and feel which brands the campaign and is in alignment with your core brand. Often the campaign will have a unique name and badge that encapsulates the campaign and your brand’s personality to make it both stand out and reinforce your brand. Check out the campaign we ran for the Didsbury Art Trail to see how we used sales campaign tactics to launch this new walking trail.

The art of mixed media

Based on target audience and campaign objectives, we determine which channels will get the results we are after. Through experience we know that having a mix of traditional media and digital channels brings a broader exposure and higher conversion, however we tend to emphasise digital channels due to their measurability. Our digital channels allow us to test, learn and optimise spend as we go. 

Once we have established our campaign elements and channels, we’ll execute your campaign across platforms and channels, including: Facebook, NZME and Stuff Networks (press and digital), Google Display Network, YouTube, LinkedIn, Outbrain, Neighbourly, outdoor, point of sale, EDM platforms and brand websites.

And the science

Your campaign is closely tracked to ensure we capture conversion rates, engagement and exposure to the advertising mix. You’ll receive in-depth analysis of performance so you can see the return on your investment. Rather than automated reporting, we make the numbers make sense. With an eye on the campaign objective, we deliver insights around all trackable metrics to determine campaign effectiveness. We make recommendations on what worked best and how we can optimise future media spend and keep improving results for you. 

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What Our Clients Say
Hey team. Just wanted to say fabulous job getting us to and out of the start gates with this campaign. Love your work!
It’s cool stuff, and will generate some noise. Lion's Share has done a great job – it’s crisp and thought through.
This strategy has been incredibly successful for us and I attribute it to their innate sense of brand, combined with practical marketing skills.
Lion's Share was able to deliver immediate, improved customer metrics while developing the longer-term brand.
Lion's Share bought into our proposition with an enthusiasm and positivity that has breathed a new energy into the way we go about our business.
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