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Lion’s Share is a creative agency that’s into having an impact. We love to work with clients who have a complex job to do – where communicating well and building trust is critical because the sign-up or the purchase is a big decision. We’ll work with you to get measurable results and create meaningful impact. Life is short. Make the work days count.


In Auckland’s Tāmaki (that’s Glen Innes, Point England and Panmure), the sense of tūrangawaewae runs deep. People here have strong ties to their neighbourhood - whether through whakapapa going back generations, or via connections to church, marae and schools. We worked with Tāmaki Regeneration Company to help whānau own their future in Tāmaki for generations to come.

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The Smart Move

At the start of 2021, if you were to ask the average Aucklander what Kāinga Ora does, they’d likely reply ‘they look after state houses’. Few had any idea that Kāinga Ora also has an expert urban development arm that’s delivering some of the most ambitious masterplanned neighbourhood regeneration projects in New Zealand’s history.

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Building a fresh buzz

Every year New Zealand’s leading infrastructure industry association runs a symposium called Building Nations for 800+ delegates. Although well attended and highly respected, both the Building Nations brand and the event itself needed a redesign to bring it up to date and build a fresh buzz in an increasingly competitive environment.

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