Get clear about what you promise. Create a potent brand story that differentiates. Get your content made and seen. Attach meaning and inspire loyalty to your brand.

Brand Architecture

Sometimes you’ve got to go back to go forward. If you’re not absolutely clear about your promise to the market – and we mean the one big thing, not the five big things – your marketing strategy is like a house built on bad ground.

Content Marketing

The true purpose of a good content marketing strategy is not to clock up ‘likes’ and ‘shares’, but to serve your greater business and marketing goals. Developing your inbound marketing, content amplification, lead nurturing and marketing automation strategies are a great place to start.

Content Creation

Digital media is awash with good content, which means yours has to be better than good to be seen. Visual and video content, copyrighting and blogs are all content creation services today’s business can’t live without.

Digital Marketing and Media

Consumers are now in control of when and where they consume media. Competition for companies to get their content seen is tougher than ever – and the channels themselves keep changing the rules.

Lion’s Share started because three of us got talking about how tricky it is for our clients to get their content marketing done when they were pedalling hard just to keep up with business as usual.
Stephen Pearson
Stephen Pearson
Advertising and Digital Agency CEO

Founder and Managing Director of Pearson Davis (Direct Marketing), Marketing Technologies and Rivet (Digital Marketing), CEO Ammirati Puris Lintas, CEO of Lowe (Auckland), CEO of Lowe (Sydney), CMO for Les Mills International, Founder and Director of Miller Pearson (Marketing Communications), Founder and Principal of Lion's Share (Content Marketing).

Fan of New Zealand contemporary art. Loves movies, music, books, food, travel, skiing or hanging out anywhere there's snow. Spiritual home = Wanaka/Queenstown.

Anna Calvert
Anna Calvert
International Marketer

Marketing Manager of Britesmile (UK), Head of Marketing for Mybreast (London), Group Director Marketing Communications for Atlantis Healthcare, Country Development Director for Atlantis Healthcare (New York), Head of Partnerships and Acquisitions for Les Mills International, Head of Marketing at Fronde (IT), Principal of Lion's Share (Content Marketing). Bachelor of Management Studies, Marketing and International Management, Public Relations and Communications – University of Waikato.

Fan of charcuterie and platter style eating. Loves to play polo in Argentina. Spiritual home = anywhere on a horse.

Karen Pearson
Karen Pearson
Senior Creative and Marketer

Promotions Manager at Australian Consolidated Press NZ, Senior Copywriter for Pearson Davis and Ammirati Puris Lintas, Design Editor for Home Magazine, Magazine Features Writer, Web content creator for ImageBrief, Creative Strategist and Director of Miller Pearson (Marketing Communications), Principal of Lion's Share (Content Marketing). Master of Arts in Creative Writing – UTS, Sydney.

Fan of great architecture. Loves summer barbecues with good friends. Spiritual home = the Hauraki Gulf.

Ellen Williams
Ellen Williams
Content Marketing Management

Senior Consultant in Recruitment industry, Digital Marketing Manager at Consult Recruitment, Social Media Manager for Forgotten World Adventures, Content Marketing Management and Copywriter at Lion's Share. Bachelor of Science in Psychology - University of Auckland.

Fan of character-driven literature. Love good food, red wine and doing things that make me nervous. Spiritual home = the bottom of the ocean (with scuba tank).

Emily Sayes
Emily Sayes
Content Creator

Corporate Solicitor at Buddle Findlay, Contributor at Ora Organic, Content Creator and Copywriter at Lion's Share. Bachelor of Laws with Honours - University of Auckland

Fan of dogs. Loves coffee. Spiritual home = Ripe Deli.

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