In 2019, Kāinga Ora (then HLC) asked Lion’s Share to create brand architecture and a brand identity for the Mangere Development which is bringing 10,000+ new homes to the area. Our work together in Mangere had started a couple of years earlier as Kāinga Ora began communicating with the community about the changes coming. Once construction was drawing close it was time to signal the development was shifting into a new phase with a new brand identity that reflected the largely Māori and Pasifika community.


The Mangere Development brand enables Kāīnga Ora to deliver their place-based marketing strategy which in turn drives this large scale project forward by building trust and a licence to operate within the community, and by helping builder partners sell homes so they can keep building more. Kāinga Ora has a complex marketing and communications job to do. Their multiple audiences include the local community, building companies working in the development, would-be homebuyers, and a variety of stakeholders – from local business owners to the teams within agencies they work alongside (such as Auckland Council and Auckland Transport), to government ministers. 

Over the last two years a set of key messages have been consistently attached to the brand to give people a sense of what’s special about Mangere now and the improvements the Mangere Development will bring to the area. The brand is the foundation on which these key messages about the development have been built. Clear, consistent comms is attaching meaning to the brand with all audiences and helping catalyse support for the project; most importantly within the Mangere community.