Pyper Vision



Pyper Vision’s fog dispersal system is the brainchild of founder and CEO, Emily Blythe. With five years and over 200 tests under their belt, Pyper Vision is on track to revolutionise the way the global aviation industry deals with fog. "During this time we have shown our absorbent effectively mimics nature and can clear a critical area of sky in as little as 10 minutes, allowing safe take-off and landing to resume. It's a simple idea that could solve a multibillion-dollar problem," says Emily. 

There’s a sustainability benefit, too. Fog disruption adds at least 196 million kgs of carbon emissions to the atmosphere annually, through both diverted flights and the cascading effect cancelled flights have on airline schedules. 

Emily and the Pyper Vision team were introduced to us by JV Strategies. Our brief was to create a cost-effective brand video they could take to investors to get them excited about Pyper Vision. Pyper Vision had some raw footage of the dispersal drone in flight and some on-ground ‘test’ footage showing improving visibility as the fog dispersal system took effect. Lion’s Share augmented these resources with stock footage and a succinct script delivered via supers to bring the concept to life. 

To date, Pyper Vision’s initial capital raise has achieved $4m. With logistical support from MBIE, it seems only a matter of time before the company behind this excellent bit of Kiwi ingenuity takes off.

Watch the video and see the skies clear below.